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Michigan Renaissance Festival

Michigan Renaissance Festival 9Michigan Renaissance Festival 2The Michigan Renaissance Festival‘s been rockin’ suburban Detroit since 1979, with over 200,000 attendees annually. The fest takes place in a fictional town called Hollygrove (so named for its location on the border of Holly and Groveland Townships) in the northern extremes of Oakland County, Michigan Renaissance Festival 13Michigan Renaissance Festival 4off Dixie Highway just north of Lahring Road. Every weekend plus Labor Day, from approximately mid-August to early October, your $20 admission fee gets you in the door for a ton of mostly family-friendly entertainment that includes live music, parades and numerous stage shows including Michigan Renaissance Festival 20Michigan Renaissance Festival 6the ever-popular joust three times daily. I Love Detroit Michigan highly recommends stage show enthusiasts check the daily schedule and get an early seat for festival favorites “Ded Bob”, “The Washing Well Wenches” and “The Mud Show”. Keep an eye out for the rare late-day, “mature Michigan Renaissance Festival 10Michigan Renaissance Festival 7audiences only” performance entitled “Knotty Nauticals”. Live music fans will want to hunt down Celtic, medieval and Highland influenced combos Silent LionDjilia Phralengo and Tartanic to get their fix. You’ll also wanna bring at least $50 extra for food, drinks, shopping and rides (especially if you’re Michigan Renaissance Festival 18Michigan Renaissance Festival 15bringing kids), and if you’re feeling extra spendy, I Love Detroit Michigan advises its readers to enjoy tea with the Queen, the “Renaissance Smoker“, or a themed daily feast at the Black Stone Castle Cafe. Of all the festival’s activities, however, I Love Detroit Michigan saves its highest Michigan Renaissance Festival 3Michigan Renaissance Festival 8recommendation for the absolutely top-rate people watching. Every single day the fest is open, thousands of attendees arrive completely decked out in costumes representing nearly every niche in the fantasy world. Some show up in outfits that are clearly more appropriate for a comic or sci-fi Michigan Renaissance Festival 12Michigan Renaissance Festival 16convention than a renaissance fair, but no one seems to mind. Frankly, it’s an hilarious fashion free-for-all. Try not to laugh when you see a Ghostbuster, a Klingon, Wyatt Earp and Jack Sparrow enrapt in conversation at the Big Guinness Pub. Good luck with that. ~I♥DM

Michigan Renaissance Festival 21

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