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The 2013 Detroit APBA Gold Cup, 7-14-2013

2013 Detroit APBA Gold Cup 1Ok, we get it now. NASCAR, but with boats! Our curiosities about power boat racing on the Detroit River were satisfied and some last weekend, along the riverside grounds just south of Detroit’s old Water Works Park, where we witnessed the annual APBA Gold Cup race for the very first time. APBA, for those of you who don’t know, stands for American Power Boat Association, and be 2013 Detroit APBA Gold Cup 11assured, these watercraft do possess some seriously impressive power. When they pass near the Waterworks Grandstands, the “H1 Unlimited Hydroplane” boats raise the kind of racket that just can’t be ignored, leaving an outrageously mammoth roostertail of violently propelled white water in their rear view. While the final race of this most powerful class of watercraft lasted less than ten minutes, numerous exhibitions and races featuring less powerful vintage and modern boats 2013 Detroit APBA Gold Cup 82013 Detroit APBA Gold Cup 13let you make an entire day of this Detroit Yacht Club sponsored event. Drop an extra $50 and gain access to the “Cold Pits” area, where you can get a close-up look at team owners, captains and mechanics putting the finishing touches on their space-aged machines just before they’re hoisted from land to 2013 Detroit APBA Gold Cup 15water by crane. Top speeds attained by these water-bound monstrosities often surpass 175 miles per hour over the course of an entire 2.5-mile lap and 200 on straightaways. From what we hear, Detroit’s course includes both the widest and tightest turns in the entire H1 Unlimited racing circuit. We’re told the “APBA Gold Cup” is considered especially prestigious as it is the oldest trophy in all of motor sports, first 2013 Detroit APBA Gold Cup 17awarded in 1904. Click here to see a full-length, 37-minute video of the 2013 APBA Gold Cup Final and learn exactly why Kip Brown and his “Spirit Of Qatar” emerged victorious over the favored “Oh Boy! Oberto” boat, captained by Steve David, after the Oberto team suffered a full lap penalty for a lane violation during the race’s start. ~I♥DM

2013 Detroit APBA Gold Cup 24

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