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Woodward Dream Cruise 2011

1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee detail1965 Dodge A-100 VanWoodward Dream Cruise, the world’s single most phenomenal gathering of classic and one-of-a-kind automobiles, occurs in Metropolitan Detroit every year on the third Saturday of August. Nowhere else on Earth will you find such a remarkable concentration of flawless timepieces and vehicular art. 40,000+ Mid 1970s AMC PacerEarly 1960s Chevrolet Impala detailmint gems and their owners come from around the world for this annual celebration of the Detroit area’s automotive heritage. Cars of every era, nation and brand flood south Oakland County’s main vein in the weeks preceding the official event, but American fins, chrome and muscle of the 1955 Chevy Bel Air detail1950s Mercury Coupe50s, 60s and 70s rule the day.

Locals generally either love or hate this event. There’s very little neutrality in between. While most embrace it, many make a habit of being on vacation for the entire Dream Cruise week, to avoid the inevitable traffic snarls it generates. I Love Detroit Michigan recommends One Of A Kind #41941 Chevrolet Convertible detailradiator inspection and/or replacement for Cruise-bound out-of-town gearheads. Plan on spending a lot of your time parked and idling, surrounded by amazing gasoline-powered scenery. First time cruisers can check out a route map and familiarize themselves with the host communities at the official website 1970 AMC Rebel Machine detail1972 Volkswagen Bugof the event’s organizing body.

The long-awaited spectacle of Dream Cruise 2011 was unfortunately diminished by heavy rains, but I Love Detroit Michigan readers are in luck. We’ve attended and extensively photographed this event every year for the past three years, and we’re One Of A Kind #11969 Chevy Nova detailtherefore able to present here, for your pleasure, a 100-picture album of our favorite Woodward Dream Cruise lovelies spotted during that time. Any assistance our adoring public can offer us in accurately identifying years of production would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy! ~I♥DM

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