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Detroit Cornice and Slate Company Building – Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Cornice & Slate Building #8The Detroit Cornice and Slate Company Building (1897), at 731-733 St. Antoine Street in downtown Detroit, is a gorgeous and early local example of a hand crafted, galvanized steel facade, designed in Beaux-Arts style, with the specific intention of mimicking the look of carved stone. According to the building’s historical marker, “Metal permitted elegant ornamentation to be rendered quickly and cheaply. It was also convenient when, as in Detroit, there was a lack of stone quarries and skilled workers.” The Detroit Cornice and Slate Company, a southeast Michigan institution since 1888, fabricated this facade themselves, based on the design of architect Henry J. Rill, and inhabited the building until 1972. I Love Detroit Michigan highly recommends its readers peruse their website thoroughly to get an in-depth perspective of this company’s innovative and influential body of work in the area. In 1974, the building was renovated for commercial uses by noted Detroit architect William Kessler and served as his firm’s corporate offices for a time. The building currently houses a first-floor restaurant, Flood’s Bar & Grille, and the offices of Metro Detroit’s most well-known arts & culture weekly, Metro Times. ~I♥DM

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