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Berkley Street Art Fest ~ July 15th, 2017

Enjoy these fruits of the Berkley Street Art Fest, which took place on the mean streets of I♥DM’s hometown, Berkley Effin’ Michigan, on July 15th of this year. We gotta say…. it’s about damn time…. that we published this post…. but more importantly, that our Utopian suburban home at long last is properly represented within the great pantheon of Metro Detroit’s enviable legacy of street and graffiti art traditions! Huge thanks and respect to this event’s organizers, its sponsors, and most of all, the artists.

The Berkley Street Art Fest was actually comprised of three distinct events within one…. First, a series of ten murals by nine artists, painted upon the exterior walls of sponsor businesses, all located on two of the town’s major arteries, Coolidge Highway and Twelve Mile Road. Second, and perhaps most impressive, a handful of live demonstrations by ultra-skilled professional chalk artist, David Zinn, near Coolidge & Dorothea Road, the results of which we had the amazing luck to capture digitally later in the evening, long after the fest’s conclusion. And third, a public chalk art competition, which also took place near the intersection of Coolidge & Dorothea, with over 20 participants. We managed to capture decent photographs of just a handful of entries. Fortunate considering we shot them all by night, with flash. Our post concludes with four entries in the chalk art competition by artists who’s identities remain unknown to us. Drop us a line if ya happen to know who made ’em. ~I♥DM


Alex Delker

Sum Girls Boutique, 3015 Twelve Mile Rd


‘Bonus Saves’

Patrick J’s Irish Pub, 3052 Twelve Mile Rd


Cecelia Gabel

Berkley Eyewear, 2680 Coolidge Hwy


Jon Murrell

George’s Shoe Repair, 3442 Twelve Mile Rd


Malt aka BrownBagDetroit

Elwin & Company, 2971 Coolidge Hwy


Olivia DePaul

Chet’s Rent-All, 3009 Coolidge Hwy


Paolo Pedini

Nova Chiropractic, 2745 Coolidge Hwy


Rich Ayers

Armadillo Printwear, 3861 Twelve Mile Rd


Troy Dirkse

The Neighbor’s Shoppe, 2833 Twelve Mile Rd



Megan White – 1st Place, Adult


Denise Cugliari – 3rd Place, Adult


Faith S. – 1st Place, Youth


Mark it with a B Gallery – Team & People’s Choice Winner


Chalk Art Competition Entries by Four Unknown Artists


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