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‘Bukue One’ Paints in Detroit’s Dequindre Cut Greenway, Spring 2013

Bukue One Dequindre Cut 1Earlier this year, back in May, I Love Detroit Michigan enjoyed the unique privilege of witnessing locally the live creation of graffiti art by Oakland, California bred artist and rapper, ‘Bukue One’ aka Tion Torrence. In Detroit’s famed ‘Dequindre Cut Greenway’, Torrence gave a step by step demonstration of his well-honed spray-painting techniques Bukue One Dequindre Cut 2(see YouTube video below) whilst expounding at length on life philosophies more fully expressed through rhyme on his recent self-produced, 17-song recording, “#Autonomy”. This fully downloadable album is available free for your listening pleasure at Bukue One’s Bandcamp pageI Love Detroit Michigan reserves its highest recommendations for tracks #10, “Enfocus” (featuring Symmetry), #11 “Escuchen”, and Bukue One Dequindre Cut 3#17 “Can’t Quit” (featuring ABNG, Tee Double and Ishkan….plus a masterfully executed sample of Led Zeppelin’s “I Can’t Quit You Baby”). Read our post entitled “Dequindre Cut Greenway Graffiti“, the very first post we published, back in June of 2011, to learn more about the intriguing location of Bukue One’s work, a one-time Bukue One Dequindre Cut 9railroad trench that’s been converted to an inter-urban walkway/park over recent years. Enter the phrase “Dequindre Cut Greenway Trail” into your Google Maps’ search field to find its exact location, and then take a casual mid-day stroll through its environs starting at the parking lot on the south side of Gratiot Avenue just slightly southwest of East Vernor Highway. Look to your right as you pass under Chestnut Street to view that which remains of Bukue One’s work. Note the relative legibility of his letterforms and gain a deeper appreciation for the styles of this true hip-hopper who asserts, “Someone’s gotta stay 2-D”. ~I♥DM

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