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Chicago’s “Air Crew” Paint in the Grand River Creative Corridor – Fall 2015

Air Crew Chicago 6Find these eight relatively new works by Chicago’s “Air Crew” in Detroit’s Grand River Creative Corridor, on the south wall of L & L Used Parts & Company at 4465 Grand River Avenue. Get the best possible view by taking the northbound, two-track dirt alley off of Buchanan Street between Wabash and 14th Street, just to the west of Grand River. We can’t tell ya a darn thing about the painters who created this work. Nada. Nuthin’. No idea. We find their sigs downright indecipherable. If we had to guess, we’d say these pieces were created sometime between May and September of 2015, but we could very easily be wrong. ~I♥DM


Air Crew Chicago 4 Air Crew Chicago 5 Air Crew Chicago 7 Air Crew Chicago 8 Air Crew Chicago 9Air Crew Chicago 3 Air Crew Chicago 1 Air Crew Chicago 10


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