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Detroit Beautification Project @ Vermont & Porter Street

New Detroit Graffiti @ Vermont & Porter St #7The Detroit Beautification Project is the brainchild of two Southeast Michigan based art organizations: Contra Projects of Hamtramck and 323 East Gallery in Royal Oak. Numerous street artists of national and international renown, plus a handful of Detroit’s best local taggers, have been invited by New Detroit Graffiti @ Vermont & Porter St #3project organizers to legally place their marks on high-visibility real estate throughout the city, primarily in three locations: Grand River Avenue between I-94 and the Lodge Freeway, Jos Campau Street between Hamtramck Drive and McNichols Rd, and the Eastern Market District. The project has New Detroit Graffiti @ Vermont & Porter St #11truly ushered in a new era, nee a Renaissance, in the history of Detroit Street Art. Today, I Love Detroit Michigan presents, for your consideration, the seventh of eight new photo-heavy posts showcasing eight separate locations that feature multiple, freshly painted masterworks.

Our seventh piece of evidence is a New Detroit Graffiti @ Vermont & Porter St #1.0collection of fourteen sweet tags (one of which we cannot get a decent shot of despite our repeated attempts) on the exterior walls of the “Ponyride” Building at the corner of Vermont and Porter Street on the southwestern edge of the city’s Corktown neighborhood. Find excellent works by Craig Marmar, “AskewOne”, “Revok”, “Pose” (we think) and “Risk”, peacefully co-existing aside ten New Detroit Graffiti @ Vermont & Porter St #5more pieces that we can’t quite read. Drive around to the back parking lot if you hope to get a look at the cargo van named “Swagon” as painted by Detroit’s own, “Sintex”.

Stayed tuned to I Love Detroit Michigan in the coming days to see more of the most comprehensive coverage of the Detroit Beautification Project you will find anywhere online. ~I♥DM

New Detroit Graffiti @ Vermont & Porter St #4


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