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Detroit Graffiti between 8000 and 10000 Grand River Avenue

8000-10000 Grand River Graffiti #2All of the Detroit graffiti pictured in this post can be found between 8000 and 10000 Grand River Avenue. Graffiti #1, #2 and #3 are all located on the walls of the now defunct Mayfair Food Market on the south corner of Grand River Avenue and Greenway Street. You’ll have to go around back to 8000-10000 Grand River Graffiti #8view #1 and #2, but they’re also visible from your car on the westbound I-96 Service Drive right behind the building. Find graffiti #4 on the northwest wall of the vacant garage at 9652 Grand River near Woodside Street, about three blocks northwest of Mayfair Market. From there, head southeast for about eight 8000-10000 Grand River Graffiti #3blocks to another vacant building at 8975 Grand River on the corner of Hillsboro to find graffiti #5. Eight more blocks to the southeast, on the northwest wall of the completely dilapidated Abundant Life Christian Center Church at 8240 Grand River, is graffiti #6. Just one more block to the southeast, on the northwest wall of 8120 Grand River, you’ll find graffiti #7 and #8. These last two are behind a fence so you’ll have to go about an eighth of a block northeast on Vicksburg Street to get the best possible view. ~I♥DM

8000-10000 Grand River Graffiti #1

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