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Detroit Street Art by “Hygienic Dress League” near Woodward & Alexandrine

Hygienic Dress League at 60 W Alexandrine 9Detroit street artists Steve and Dorota Coy, the minds behind “Hygienic Dress League“, have been plastering Detroit with their unique images of decadent post-apocalypticism since 2008. We made our latest discovery of their work just last week near the intersection of Woodward Avenue and Alexandrine Street in Midtown. On the first-floor south face of the vacant and blown-out eight-story commercial structure at approximately 60 W. Alexandrine you’ll find nine of the League’s iconic images featuring their trademark shadowy corporate underworld characters in hazmat suits, gas masks and mini-skirts, toting flower-barrelled AK-47s. Peruse our post entitled “50 Outdoor Murals in Detroit“, published in November of 2011, and look for entry number 17 to get a look at a few more stylistically similar public works of “Hygienic Dress League” art from recent years. Click the following link to read a fantastic interview-based article at and learn more about these prolific Detroit street artists and their message. ~I♥DM

Hygienic Dress League at 60 W Alexandrine 11

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