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Detroit Street Art @ Waterman & Cadet St

MC Auto Service Graffiti 1Hard to call it graffiti when it appears to be commissioned and fully legal, yet these works of Detroit street art on the exterior walls of MC Auto Service at 1650 Waterman St in the city’s Mexicantown neighborhood most definitely draw inspiration from Detroit’s underground graffiti art tradition. Long-time Motor City spray-paintists “STORI”, “TEAD” and “RAWR” contributed to this collection along with a fourth who’s name we’ve yet to decipher. It looks like “SHAQ” to our naked eye, but that would be preposterous, wouldn’t it? Any help out there, know-it-alls? Get your snack on at either of our favorite Mexican joints in all of Southeast Michigan, Taqueria Mi Pueblo and Taqueria Lupita’s, whilst scouring the surrounding area for additional outdoor masterworks. You’ll have little difficulty finding some. Scour our “Graffiti/Street Art” archives if you don’t. You’re welcome. ~I♥DM


MC Auto Service Graffiti 5 MC Auto Service Graffiti 4 MC Auto Service Graffiti 3MC Auto Service Graffiti 7MC Auto Service Graffiti 2


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