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Eastern Market Street Art ~ 15 New Discoveries ~ Autumn 2017

We discovered and photographed these 15 works of Eastern Market Street Art on October 5th and 6th of this year whilst seeking out recently completed pieces included in the 2017 “Murals in the Market” festival. Find works by Arlin Graff and Imel Battle scattered among the mostly anonymous street art included herein. Wheatpastes featuring J Dilla and ‘Prodigy’ of Mobb Deep made our day, as did the ‘post-truth’ political statements that have quite properly become a common theme of street arts throughout present-day America. We implore y’all to scroll to the bottom of this collection and thoroughly examine the last six photos of this post, which show a newly painted masterpiece entitled “Legends”, found in the Bert’s Warehouse alley, running east to west, from Rivard to Russell Street, just a half block north of Division. Massive respect to Nivek Monet, the local creator of this beauty that so thoroughly elucidates Detroit’s stunning legacy of world-class musicianship. ~I♥DM



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