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New Detroit Graffiti in and around Eastern Market

New Eastern Mkt Graffiti 1Find these six works of Detroit graffiti in and around the city’s Eastern Market district. Start you tour at the alley running north off Napoleon Street between Riopelle & Orleans where you’ll locate the piece by “Beast” (we think) that we first included in our post entitled “New Detroit Graffiti near Orleans & Napoleon Street“, published earlier this year. The removal of a poorly postioned New Eastern Mkt Graffiti 3dumpster allowed us to finally shoot this work from a proper angle. Find the next group of graffiti, pieces by “Nychos”, “Nekst” and “Chaos”, approximately five blocks to the north, on the north side of Erskine, once again between Riopelle and Orleans. Now, double back down Orleans about a block and a half, where between Wilkins & Alfred you’ll see a large, abandoned New Eastern Mkt Graffiti 7industrial structure to your left. Venture into the lot if you dare, where you’ll find upon one of the south facing exterior walls the piece depicted in our album’s fifth photo, by an artist whose signature we’ve yet to decipher. Finally, head about a half a block south, go one block west on Wilkins, and then four blocks south, down Russell, just  a little bit past Gratiot. Turn right onto the aptly named Service Drive just opposite the main New Eastern Mkt Graffiti 8entrance of Old St. John’s United Church of Christ. Take it almost to the end, about 30 feet before you reach its terminus near the corner of Rivard & Gratiot, where you’ll look at the building on your right, thus locating the last piece in our album, which was our first exposure to the spray-painter who goes by the psuedonym “Purpl”. ~I♥DM

New Eastern Mkt Graffiti 6

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