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New Detroit Graffiti at 2201 Waterman Street

Detroit Graffiti at 2201 Waterman 3Find these four new works of Detroit graffiti on the south side of the service building in the Detroit Cab Company’s lot at 2201 Waterman Street on the east side of the city’s Springwells neighborhood. The quality of these pieces lead us to believe they were painted at a leisurely pace, with the blessing of the building’s owner. Other spray-painted masterworks are likely to be found nearby as one of the largest train yards in all of Detroit is located to the immediate northwest, just across West Vernor Highway. I Love Detroit Michigan recommends a ridiculously affordable taco dinner at Mi Pueblo, which is just around the corner, after thoroughly exploring this part of town. ~I♥DM

Detroit Graffiti at 2201 Waterman 1

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