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New Detroit Graffiti @ Dubois & Hendricks

New Detroit Graffiti at Dubois and Hendricks 6New Detroit Graffiti at Dubois and Hendricks 5Southeast Michigan’s Summer of Spray Paint heats up with this stellar installation of new Detroit graffiti on the lengthy west side of a long-abandoned garage at Dubois & Hendricks, wedged right between the city’s Eastern Market district and Elmwood Park neighborhood. Endorsed by the notorious “Mad Society New Detroit Graffiti at Dubois and Hendricks 8New Detroit Graffiti at Dubois and Hendricks 7Kings” crew, this beautifully rendered, expansive piece of Detroit street art features the masterful stylings of “Trav” of Los Angeles and “Persue” of San Diego, plus the additional assistance of “Revok”, “Rime”, “Nekst” and two more signatories with whom we have yet to be familiarized: “Wanes” and “1xRUN”. Other endorsers and possible co-creators of this face-melting tour de force include “Emjay”, “Alex”, “Meca”, “Naah”, “Ayo”, “Gawk” and “Beck”. Find one more respectable sig by “Nekst” on the building’s north garage door. Click here to see another recent, stunning full-wall work by “Revok” and “Rime”; click here to see a very recent work by “Nekst” in the Eastern Market district; and finally, click here to see an amazing, recent full-wall installation in Windsor, Ontario by “Meca”. ~I♥DM

New Detroit Graffiti at Dubois and Hendricks 4

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