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New Detroit Graffiti in Eastern Market at Riopelle & Division

Detroit Graffiti at Riopelle and Division 1When you see a spray painted work like this new(ish) piece by “Revok”, “Rime”, “Stori” and “Malt” on the corner of Riopelle & Division in Detroit’s Eastern Market District you realize with a certainty that our generation has elevated graffiti to high art. Eastern Market and its environs have long been a Detroit Graffiti at Riopelle and Division 6Detroit Graffiti at Riopelle and Division 10hotbed for Detroit graffiti artists, but it’s only within the last two years that it has become a site of national renown. Last Spring’s unveiling of the Detroit Beautification Project‘s massive collaborative works “Jukebox Cowboys” & “The Seventh Letter”, at the corner of Orleans and the Fisher Freeway’s Detroit Graffiti at Riopelle and Division 7Detroit Graffiti at Riopelle and Division 8northbound service drive, first established the District as a destination for the best spray paintists in the city and the world. At nearly the same time, the Red Bull House of Art at 1515 Winder first opened its doors further cementing the District’s current uber-Bohemian reputation. This latest addition to Eastern Market’s sterling outdoor gallery, completed in October of 2012, makes Detroit graffiti in the District an official addiction. ~I♥DM

Detroit Graffiti at Riopelle and Division 2

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