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New Detroit Graffiti in the Eastern Market Alley @ 2340 Russell Street

New Detroit Graffiti Eastern Mkt Alley 8New Detroit Graffiti Eastern Mkt Alley 3Back in October of 2011 we showcased a group of Detroit graffiti in the Eastern Market Alley at approximately 2340 Russell Street, featuring works by “Gasm”, “Marmer”, “Repht”, “Elmer”, “Amo” and “Ayem”. In the eleven months since then a section of one of the two buildings with tagged exterior walls New Detroit Graffiti Eastern Mkt Alley 14New Detroit Graffiti Eastern Mkt Alley 11here has been torn down, destroying a handful of graffiti but also creating a fresh canvas in the process. This newly exposed backside of Busy Bee Hardware at 1401 Gratiot Avenue is now home to fourteen works of urban art including a couple with “Busy Bee” themes and one that appears to us to be a collaboration between local commercial muralists, M.P.H. Signs, and one of Detroit’s very best graffiti artists, “Sintex”….. but we can’t say for sure that’s a fact. ~I♥DM

New Detroit Graffiti Eastern Mkt Alley 2

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