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New Detroit Graffiti in the Grand River Creative Corridor

More New Detroit Graffiti in the G.R.C.C. #5Find these newly painted works of Detroit street art in the area that’s been recently dubbed the “Grand River Creative Corridor” (GRCC) by local artists and gallery owners. Stretching from Interstate 94 on the More New Detroit Graffiti in the G.R.C.C. #2northwest to the Lodge Freeway on the southeast, the GRCC is home to many of the very best multiple graffiti installations in the city as well as a butt-ton of other work that ranges from above average to pedestrian to outright vandalism. Consider this post a companion to our recently published “New Detroit Graffiti near 3200 More New Detroit Graffiti in the G.R.C.C. #3Grand River Avenue“, as most of the tags found herein are in the exact same part of town. Find the work depicted in photo #1 just one door northwest of 5170 Grand River and about one half a block northwest of the street art we recently showcased in our post entitled “New Detroit Street Art @ 5110 More New Detroit Graffiti in the G.R.C.C. #9Grand River Avenue“. The works shown in photos #2 and #3 can be found under the train trestle that passes over Grand River Avenue just southeast of Stanton Street, in the same general area as the last three photos in our recent post entitled “New Detroit Graffiti @ Warren & 16th Street“. To find the tags shown in photos #4 through #9 head west by southwest on Ash Street off of Grand River just northwest of the of Motor City Casino. You’ll see the tag by “Gasm” on your right about halfway down the block, well before Trumbull. Turn into the lot behind the hulking, half-destroyed structure on the southeast corner of Grand River and Ash through an opening in the fence about two-thirds of the way down the block. Continue on foot, if you dare, to find the remaining works upon the rear walls and dilapidated loading dock of this presumably soon-to-be razed edifice.

Other photo-heavy posts published recently by I Love Detroit Michigan, covering the extensive street art in this kaleidoscopic section of town, include: Detroit Graffiti at Warren Avenue & 16th Street, New Detroit Graffiti at Grand River Avenue & Vermont Street, New Detroit Graffiti @ 4641 Grand River Avenue, Detroit Beautification Project @ Vermont & Calumet Street, Detroit Beautification Project @ Grand River & Rosa Parks Blvd, New Detroit Graffiti near 3200 Grand River Avenue, New Detroit Graffiti @ Grand River & Avery Street, and New Detroit Graffiti at Grand River & Alexandrine Street. Enjoy! ~I♥DM

More New Detroit Graffiti in the G.R.C.C. #8


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