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New Detroit Graffiti near Orleans & Napoleon Street

Detroit Graffiti near Orleans and Fisher Fwy N Svc Dr 2Find these new works of Detroit graffiti in the immediate vicinity of  Orleans and Napoleon Street in the city’s Eastern Market District. Tags #1, #2 and #3, by “Nekst” and a couple of other artists whose names we cant read, can be found on the building that runs along the north side of Napoleon Street west of Orleans, just down the way from the mammoth collaborative works “Jukebox Cowboys” and “The Seventh Letter” which were unveiled last Summer as part of the Detroit Beautification Project. Wander into the alley that runs north off Napoleon between Orleans & Riopelle to find tags #4, #5 and #6, by “Stori” and yes, yet another couple of artists whose names we can’t decipher. Head all the way through Detroit Graffiti near Orleans and Fisher Fwy N Svc Dr 5the alley to Winder Street and take a right to see the last work in this grouping, tag #7, a stunning twenty footer that appears to be either by “Revok”, or perhaps a collaboration of Mad Society Kings members. We can’t say for sure. Finally, walk north up Orleans to the corner of Division, to see the last three works in this post on the north wall of Cutters Bar and Grille. Worthy pieces by capable locals, for sure, but slightly limited by their mono-chromaticism. ~I♥DM

Detroit Graffiti near Orleans and Fisher Fwy N Svc Dr 7

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