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New Detroit Graffiti @ Southbound Lodge Freeway Service Drive & Clairmount Street

Lodge S Svc Dr and Clairmount Graffiti 4A couple of top Detroit graffiti artists have made good use of this abandoned convenience store at the corner of the southbound Lodge Freeway Service Drive & Clairmount Street in the city’s Virginia Park neighborhood. Sweet sigs by both “Chaos” and “Nychos”, plus a couple other marks undecipherable to us give a long-lost sense of purpose to this otherwise battered and blown-out structure. Click here to see another epic work by “Nychos”, a collaborative piece in the Eastern Market District entitled “Jukebox Cowboys”, unveiled last Summer, that most definitely rates among the best works of street art ever produced in Detroit. Click here and here to see more hot tags by “Chaos”, who, over the last couple of years, has established him(her?)self as one the D’s most talented and prolific spray painters. ~I♥DM

Lodge S Svc Dr and Clairmount Graffiti 2

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