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New Detroit Graffiti @ Van Dyke & Dubay

Detroit Graffiti at Van Dyke and Dubay 3It’s that time of year again, when new Detroit graffiti begins to appear in nearly every part of the city. Find this quartet of new works by “Pursue”, “Chaos”, “Trav” and “Rime” at the northeast corner of Van Dyke Avenue and Dubay, upon the north wall of a long abandoned structure just across the street from Woodlawn Cemetery. Click here and here to see more recent work by “Chaos”, currently one of the D’s most prolific graffiti artists. After you’ve had your look, head about a quarter-mile up Van Dyke to Mt. Olivet Cemetery, one of Detroit’s most historic burial grounds, and seek out the Mendelson mausoleum in section 39, designed by Detroit’s most prolific architect, Albert Kahn, around 1921. Most, most, most. ~I♥DM

Detroit Graffiti at Van Dyke and Dubay 1


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