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New Detroit Street Art @ 5110 Grand River Avenue

New Detroit Street Art @ 5110 Grand River Ave #2.2Check out the new and most likely commissioned Detroit street art as advertising on the exterior walls of Shirley’s Unisex Barbershop at 5110 Grand River Avenue in the Core City neighborhood. I Love Detroit Michigan salutes the forward-thinking business owners who made the great decision to let local street artist “Sintex” have his way with these walls and recommends our readers show their appreciation with patronage. Needless to say, we LOVE the artist’s use of the Old English “D” and the Winged Wheel. Click here and here to see more excellent photographs of work by “Sintex”, who without a doubt ranks among the best of Detroit’s many street artists. ~I♥DM

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New Detroit Street Art @ 5110 Grand River Ave #2.1

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