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Vintage Detroit Graffiti at Vernor Highway & Sainte Anne

04-24-08 075Time fades analogue glories, while digital images approach immortality. Take a spin by the corner of Vernor Highway and Sainte Anne Street to see the damage time has wreaked upon seven treasures of southwest Detroit graffiti. I Love Detroit Michigan was fortunate enough to come across these lovelies back in 2009; not exactly as the paint dried, but when the high-res was still fairly intact. Just a block to the northeast, on the corner of 18th, is another great group of tags with a lot of life left in ’em. Tune back in few weeks down the road if you’re just too plain lazy to make the drive, folks. We’ll hook you up. ~I♥DM

04-24-08 076 04-24-08 077 04-24-08 079 04-24-08 080 04-24-08 081

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