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DSO with Conrad Tao and Hélène Bouchez at Orchestra Hall, Detroit, 1-20-2012

DSO with Conrad Tao Jan 20 2012 4Experience the breathtaking precision and grandiosity of live classical music performance at Orchestra Hall with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and discover one of the foremost reasons for true music lovers to call Detroit home. Lord the intellectual superiority of your latest foray into the world of Detroit music over any of your friends and family who claim to love the very best, and shame them into future attendance and support for one of our city’s most attention worthy yet underappreciated treasures.

DSO with Conrad Tao Jan 20 2012 8Our latest visit to the acoustically stunning theater designed by Detroit’s own C. Howard Crane featured French guest conductor Hélène Bouchez, directing the DSO’s performance of César Franck’s “Symphony in D minor”, and the absolute virtuosity of 17-year-old, Illinois-born pianist Conrad Tao, performing Camille Saint-Saëns’ “Piano Concerto No. 2 in G minor, Op. 22”. Visit the “MUSIC” page of Tao’s website and scroll down to his second performance video to see a jaw-dropping Julliard recital of Carl Vine‘s DSO with Conrad Tao Jan 20 2012 9“Piano Sonata No. 1” that repeatedly showcases his rare ability to squeeze 1,000+ well-played notes into a 30-second window. Click the following link to read more about the prolific careers of both Bouchez and Tao in the latest issue of the DSO’s Performance Magazine. ~I♥DM

DSO with Conrad Tao Jan 20 2012 3

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