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‘Kill Frenzy’ at Grasshopper Underground, Ferndale, 9-20-2013

Kill Frenzy at Grasshopper Underground 9 20 2013 IVTechno and house music always sound better within the city limits of Detroit than they do in the suburbs, right? Don’t tell ‘Kill Frenzy’ aka Sebastien Vanschoonbeek of Belgium, who nearly blew the dang doors off of Grasshopper Underground in Ferndale last Friday night. He clearly doesn’t know and doesn’t care. Technical difficulties cut short a scheduled hour of mixing by local promoter Gabe Real, but DJs Bryan Jones and Hugh Cleal, together known as ‘Golf Clap’, deserve a nice round of applause for bringing the vibe to a near boil just before Vanschoonbeek took the decks. Word around town is that the venue’s deafening, full-bodied sound system was just recently installed. Our compliments to the techs. Regretfully, the system’s stunning bass sustain prevented us from recording an audible video. Sigh. Maybe next time. Oh, and one more thing: Killer haircut, dude! Blue Steel, forever! ~I♥DM

Kill Frenzy at Grasshopper Underground 9 20 2013 VI

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