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Kool and The Gang with Van Halen at The Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan, 2-20-2012

Van Halen @ The Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan 2-20-2012 #2We know you’re wondering, readers, why Van Halen isn’t the first band in this post’s title. Well they would be if they’d put on nearly as good a show as Kool and The Gang. But they didn’t. Don’t get us wrong….they were fun. But Kool and The Gang were fun and excellent. Passable to good performances by Eddie, Alex and Wolfgang (Eddie’s bassist Son) were mostly Kool & The Gang @ The Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan 2-20-2012 #3rendered moot by the not-so-well-aged vox of David Lee Roth. We loved Roth’s captivating stage presence, his obvious passion for performing, and his world-class schnozz, but sadly, none were enough to justify overlooking his plain inability to hit all the necessary notes. We know, we know: Van Halen’s mammoth fan base definitely justifies their headlining Kool & The Gang @ The Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan 2-20-2012 #6status….and we also know it’s not a competition between the bands….but suppose it were? If Simon Cowell were the judge, Kool and The Gang would be headlining, no question. If some beer-swilling, small-town former jock who considers his 1984 high school senior year to be the best of his life were the judge? I believe you know the answer to that one. Check out I Love Detroit Michigan‘s YouTube video of Kool and The Gang performing their 1974 hit “Hollywood Swinging”, compare it to the very best Kool & The Gang @ The Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan 2-20-2012 #4YouTube video we could find of Van Halen’s performance, their 1984 hit “Hot For Teacher”, both from the night in question, and see if you don’t agree with us on who truly brought it. Bassist and founding member Robert Bell is “Kool”, for y’all who didn’t know. Van Halen’s implausibly perfect backing vocals, and numerous inaudible but blatantly visible gaffes by Kool and the Gang’s guitarist leave us questioning the actual “live-ness” of both acts. ~I♥DM

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Kool & The Gang @ The Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan 2-20-2012 #8

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