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Mark Farina at The Works, Detroit, 5/13/2011

mark farina the works detroit 05-13-2011

family-ties-mark-farina-the-works-detroit-05-13-2011I Love Detroit Michigan recently had the great pleasure of catching a sweet two-hour performance by one of the United States’ most consistently phenomenal live DJs: San Francisco House pioneer, Mark Farina. Farina’s been burning the candle at two ends of the electronic dance music spectrum for over a decade and a half now, specializing in both the west coast House sound, and his signature down-tempo instrumental Hip-Hop, otherwise known as “Mushroom Jazz”. Farina’s groundbreaking body of work is a veritable litany of classic DJ mixes (“United DJs of America – Volume 9: ‘Frisko Disko’”, OM Records’ “San Francisco Sessions – Volume 1”, the entire “Mushroom Jazz” catalog, Volumes 1 through 7), and has now grown to include one of the best regularly updated podcasts on the net.

mark-farina-the-works-detroit-05-13-2011-3Imagine our surprise when we found Farina bustin’ moves on The Works’ main room dance floor just a half hour prior to taking control of the decks at midnight! It isn’t the first time we’ve had the good luck to meet Farina in person, as he has established, over his many years in the game, a great reputation of accessibility and positivity. In fact, every time I Love Detroit Michigan has seen a Farina show in Detroit we’ve been extremely impressed to observe his post-performance willingness to meet, greet and have his picture taken with just about every fan that has the nerve or will to approach him. Farina’s gracious attitude strikes us as inspiring, and surely serves as a great example for the smallest of small-timers to the biggest of superstars to follow.



Farina headlined alongside a host of local talent, including Chuck Daniels, DJ Seoul, Chuck Flask and Eric Sutter, as part of Detroit-based Sin-de-kat Productions’ 15-year anniversary celebration, and, in our opinion, he blew the dang doors off, with the highlight of his set being an extremely true-to-the-original remix of Fleetwood Mac’s mega-hit “Dreams”. Farina’s bare-bones remix played out almost exactly as the original, save for the ear-splitting, uber-snappy house beat, augmented by a deafening, low-end heavy, custom system installed by Detroit’s own Burst Sound for this night’s festivities only. Can you say “YAY”? We can, and we’re not exaggerating when we tell you we left this show with ear-to-ear perma-grins, completely convinced we’re better people for having attended. ~I♥DM



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