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15 Works @ Michigan Legacy Art Park, Thompsonville, Michigan

Experience the Michigan Legacy Art Park on the grounds of Crystal Mountain Ski Resort near the village of Thompsonville, in the beautiful, deep northwest of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. If you have any difficulty locating it, plug “12500 Crystal Mountain Drive, 49683” into you navigator and follow the well-posted signs when you arrive. Founded in 1995 by artist David Barr (1939-2015), the project is “dedicated to sharing the stories of the people, events and natural resources that continue to shape the legacy of Michigan”, or so says its website. Hey, we just loved photographing epic sculpture with gorgeous mid-Spring foliage as our backdrop. Find up to 25 more pieces not shown here should you choose the make the trip yourself. Enjoy! ~I♥DM


“Man In His Element” ~ John Sauvé

[2006; steel, concrete and paint]


“Unravel” ~ Sandra Osip

[1997; bronze]


“Robins!” ~ Patricia Innis 

[2011; topsoil, tree branches, grass, stones and paint]


“Serpent Mound” ~ Patricia Innis

[2002; sand, topsoil, mulch, sweet woodruff, moss, clay, metal and wood]


“Bonnet” ~ Lois Teicher

[1988; ferrocement]


“Satisfaction From Nature” ~ Byung Chan Cha

[2001; treated wood, metal and canvas]


“Five Needles” ~ Michael McGillis

[1998; wood, synthetic canvas and steel]


“Fallen Comrade” ~ David Greenwood

[2009; wood, PVC, steel and paint]


“Grommet” ~ Michael McGillis

[2001; logs, steel drums and paint]


“Communications Vine” ~ Eric Troffkin

[unknown year; steel and paint]


“Tribute To White-Tailed Deer” ~ Sandra Osip

[unknown year and materials]


“Michigan” ~ Brian Ferriby

[2012; oxidized steel]


“Stockade Labyrinth” ~ David Barr

[1996-2010; wood, iron ore and mixed media]


“Complements” ~ Caroline Courth

[2003; brick, concrete and ceramic]


“Sawpath Series No. 4” ~ David Barr

[1999; steel and logs]


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