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Denver Graffiti & Street Art – December 2016

Eight hours on foot over two days in 10 to 20 degree temperatures is what it took to photograph the 320+ works featured in our gallery of Denver graffiti and street art below. You’re welcome. Find the vast majority of these featured pieces in the neighborhood just northeast of downtown known as River North Art District aka ‘RiNo’ (pronounced Rhino). See the RiNo’s highest concentration of works in the alley running southwest to northeast from Broadway to 29th Street between Walnut and Latimer, but if you hope to amass a collection as thorough as ours explore every nook, cranny and alleyway in the area bounded by Blake on the northwest, Marion & 38th on the northeast, Arapahoe on the southeast, and 24th Street on the southwest. Keep in mind as you poke about that a large percentage of the district’s extant artworks were created very recently, during this year’s incarnation of an annual outdoor art event known as “Colorado Crush”. You’ll need to venture into the southeast extremes of Globeville if you aim to see all we’ve included herein. About 30 blocks east of downtown, at E. Colfax & Williams, we explored “Project Colfax” and discovered what we considered to be the most compelling work of Denver street art in all of our explorations: a 12-by-12-foot human hand that incorporates elements of both painting and sculpture in a single piece. Scroll down approximately 330 photos to see exactly what we mean. Ya can’t miss it! Our mammoth collection concludes with a handful of geographical outliers we discovered before and after breakfasting at DJ’s 9th Avenue Cafe, and while walking west from Williams Street along Colfax and northwest along downtown’s 16th Street Mall as we made our way out of town via Union Station. Enjoy! ~I♥DM



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