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Taino Beach in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, The Bahamas

Conch Fritters at Junkanoo Beach Club on Taino BeachCocktail Service at Junkanoo Beach Club on Taino BeachRelax the day away and get your tropic on at Taino Beach in Freeport on Grand Bahama Island in The Bahamas. Slip your shoes off and lazily stroll the beach’s fine, off-white sands as you enjoy lavish, picture perfect vistas that look as if they were cut and pasted from the pages of your favorite travel magazine. When you feel the inevitable sunburn intensifying upon your Taino Beach on Grand Bahama Island 2shoulders head to the shade of the Junkanoo Beach Club where you’ll find a nice selection of refreshing, ice-cold cocktails and beers including the questionably named local brew, “Bush Crack”. Be sure to sample the deep-fried Conch Fritters, a customary favorite served throughout the West Junkanoo Band at Taino Beach 1Junkanoo Band at Taino Beach 3Indies. Hang out long enough to experience what we considered to be the highlight of our day: an upbeat, brass and percussion-heavy live performance by a traditional Junkanoo band. If you travel by cruise ship like we here at I Love Detroit Michigan do, make a brief stop at Senor Frog’s in Freeport’s port area before returning to your mega-boat and get a brief, unexpurgated look at the Senor Frogs in Freeportmore debaucherous yet pedestrian Spring Break-ish type activities in which the less cerebral (or just plain more inebriated) travelers on your boat partake while on the island. Fun for a second, but be sure to leave before your I.Q. starts dropping points. ~I♥DM

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