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Volare Italian Ristorante – Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky?? A fine dining destination?? Who knew?!? Part two of our unexpected examination of Louisville cuisine takes us to Volare Italian Ristorante, located on Franklin Avenue, which, as far as we can tell, is considered Louisville’s second most highly regarded strip of dining destinations, outshined only by the restaurants of Bardstown Road. Volare left us deeply impressed with both their service and style, crushing the Italian classics while making a point of introducing us to some of Chef Josh Moore’s new fusions. Take a closer look at five dishes we had the great pleasure of sampling and just try to tell us they don’t leave your mouth watering. ~I♥DM

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Volare Louisville 21. Bread Service: Sliced, hearty Italian, naturally, accompanied by an olive oil dip infused with ultra-chunky roasted garlic, oregano and other Italian seasonings.

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Volare Louisville 32. Cappesante: “Seared U-10 sea scallops over sweet english pea puree with crispy prosciutto and white truffle oil”. After expressing a slight interest in this adventurous dish, but then acknowledging that we planned on ordering something else, our attentive waiter took the initiative to offer us, as an appetizer, a single scallop prepared in this unique style. We can’t thank him enough. Simply divine.

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Volare Louisville 63. Parmigiana Pollo con Capellini Marinara Vitello (See featured photo at top of post): A mammoth plateful of the Italian classic, prepared to succulent perfection: two boneless, skinless breast filets, “lightly breaded and topped with tomato sauce and baked mozzarella”. Paired with capellini instead of spaghetti at our request.

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Volare Louisville 74. Pappardelle Boscaiola: “Homemade pappardelle pasta tossed with mushrooms and bacon in a demiglace cream sauce”. The long, wide and most definitely freshly made noodles were cooked to an absolutely flawless ‘al dente’. Words fail us where the sauce is concerned. We get a little misty when we think about it too much.

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Volare Louisville 95. Crème Brulee Di Giorno: “Traditional style crème brulee flavored daily per chef’s whim”, the menu states matter-of-factly. The candied caramel shell, the custard, the fresh fruit accents. Sinful. What’s the word for the sound one makes while enjoying this? Whatever it is, we’re sure it’d be bleeped on network television.

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Volare Louisville 8

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