About Us – I Love Detroit Michigan

We are here to sing the praises of our favorite city: Detroit Michigan, USA. Our editorial policy is simple: If it’s Detroit related and we like it, we cover it. If we don’t, we won’t.

We believe that Detroit doesn’t end at 8 Mile. As far as we’re concerned Detroit encompasses nearly all of southeast Michigan, as far north as Port Huron and Flint, as far west as Brighton and Ann Arbor, and as far south as Windsor and Monroe. We know there are people on both sides of the city’s border that adamantly disagree with us. We’re okay with it.

We believe that if we tried something different every day for the rest our lives we’d never run out of new experiences to be found here in Detroit, but we also believe that the very best of our city is most often exemplified by its architecture, its live music, its street art and its restaurants.

We are certain beyond any doubt that Detroit is beautiful, captivating and singularly unique.