A Note Regarding “Corrado Parducci: 300 Commissions”

A Note Regarding “Corrado Parducci: 300 Commissions”

[Above: Detail of New York Times Printing Plant, Brooklyn. Corrado Parducci, sculptor]

Dear Readers,

In pursuit of a publishing deal, and to preserve the integrity of our research, we have taken down our recent web-post entitled “Corrado Parducci: 300 Commissions”. Please join us here again in a year or two, after our book has been published, to to see the remaining 247 Corrado Parducci commissions that we failed to enumerate in the two months our post was up. ~I♥DM


Dale Carlson

Dale Carlson grew up along the northeastern shores of Lake Michigan, where at a young age Detroit called out to him in his dreams. In 2008, after extended stays in ten different Michigan cities, the author settled permanently in southeast Oakland County where he currently lives and works in various capacities within the local real estate industry.