Detroit Graffiti / Street Art

Detroit Graffiti in Dequindre Cut GreenwayDetroit is a mammoth open-air museum of countless one-of-a-kind urban canvases. Oftentimes these irreplaceable yet temporary masterpieces are found in parts of town that much of the art appreciating public just isn’t comfortable visiting or exploring. In many cases their lifespan is severely shortened (perhaps not unfairly) by the paint rollers of both property owners and city employees. Archiving and publishing these frequently hidden but public works of guerrilla art is a point of pride for I Love Detroit Michigan’s staff. We shy away from critical analysis and try to let the artwork speak for itself wherever possible, usually noting nothing more than their location. Expect to experience the best of Detroit graffiti and street art in these pages.

I Love Detroit Michigan draws a clear distinction between art and vandalism. We believe that real art requires an investment of time in all but the rarest cases. Stylized simple signatures, scribbles, full-sized graffiti with weak letterforms and little artistry, or just plain sloppy spray-paint work….we think of them all as garbage and we recommend the offenders invest more time in single works of complexity and less on leaving their mark everywhere. In our opinion, an unauthorized, brilliantly executed, wall-sized, all spray-paint graffiti is something a Detroit building owner ought to be thankful for in many cases, but we respect the fact that they’re often not. Furthermore, we find artlessness to be just as offensive on a dilapidated Highland Park tenement as we would on a glitzy storefront in the heart of Downtown Rochester.