Mirchi Indian Cuisine – Novi, Michigan

Mirchi Indian Cuisine – Novi, Michigan

Mirchi Indian Cuisine #2Mirchi Indian Cuisine Restaurant in Novi, Michigan promises to delight your senses with their absolutely mammoth selection of authentic and exotic sub-continental specialties. At 25750 Novi Road, just a bit south of Grand River Avenue, in an area that can only be accurately described as Novi’s weak excuse for a downtown, Mirchi affords one the opportunity to take their indecisiveness to hertofore unattained heights with a painstakingly exhaustive menu that reads more like ‘War & Peace’ than a bill of fare. Check out their Mirchi Indian Cuisine #5nine pages of offerings if you think we might be overstating the case, but be warned: we aren’t, and their online menu just might give your Adobe Reader fits unless you have the patience to let it load completely before perusing it.

Start your dinner off with a thin, crisp, cracker-like lentil wafer known as Papadum, and then choose from an amazing array of nearly 35 different appetizers including our picks: Egg Bonda (two lightly spiced, batter-dipped, deep-fried, hard-boiled Mirchi Indian Cuisine #4eggs), Gobi Manchurian (spiced, marinated, batter-dipped, deep-fried cauliflower florets with hot and sour sauce), Samosas (deep-fried turnovers filled with potatoes and mashed green peas) and Cut Mirchi. The visually striking Cut Mirchi (see pic at top of page) consists of two bisected, batter-dipped, deep-fried, ‘zesty’ chili peppers topped with crushed peanut powder, finely chopped onions and lemon. It’s flavor is outrageously unique, but you might only be able to get down a bite or two before Mirchi Indian Cuisine #6its intense spice mixture starts to literally burn your tongue off. Start the cooling process with a nice variety of nine tandoori-baked breads including our favorite, Garlic Naan, as well as Roti (whole wheat bread), Aloo Paratha (whole wheat bread stuffed with potatoes), and Onion Kulcha (leavened bread stuffed with onion, bell pepper and coriander). Entrees also come in a ridiculously wide variety with many vegetarian options, numerous heavily sauced dishes featuring chicken, lamb, fish, shrimp and a long list of rice specialties known as Biryanis. Our Mirchi Indian Cuisine #3mildly spiced Chicken Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken were both delicious and filling. Daring non-Indians might enjoy ‘medium’ spice in their entree, but we only recommend you request ‘hot’ if you’re straight from Calcutta. Be sure to also check out their extensive list of dry, tandoori-oven baked meat entrees on page seven of the online menu. Kids, if you’re bringing them, always love the Plain Dosa, a mammoth crepe-stlye pastry served with a cumin-based dipping sauce. Adventurous adults will Mirchi Indian Cuisine #9more likely enjoy the exotic Mysore Masala Dosa with red chutney, onions and potato curry. Finish it all off in traditional style with a dessert of either Gulab Jamoon (a syrup-soaked pastry) or  Carrot Halwa (grated carrots and milk cooked with sugar and nuts). Beverage service includes the classic Lassi, Mango Lassi and Chai Teas. Alchohol Mirchi Indian Cuisine #10service includes a very limited selection of wine and liquor, plus an assortment of eight beers that includes Indian favorites Kingfisher, Taj Mahal and Flying Horse.

Like so many Indian joints, Mirchi closes up between lunch and dinner. Lunch hours are Mirchi Indian Cuisine #1111:30am  to 2:30pm weekdays, and noon to 3pm on weekends. Dinner is served seven nights a week from 5:30pm to 10, 9:30 on Sunday, with extended hours on Friday, Saturday, during the Summer, and on Special DJ Nights. On a final note: I Love Detroit Michigan recommends Mirchi’s cooked-to-order menu over their decent but not exceptional weekday lunch buffet. ~I♥DM

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