Detroit Restaurants

the hill restaurant seafood and chop house Detroit MichiganI Love Detroit Michigan isn’t snooty when it comes to dining. From Coach Insignia atop the Renaissance Center to American Coney Island at Michigan & Griswold, we’ll try ‘em all regardless of price point. We’ll even cover a McDonald’s if it possesses at least one aspect unique enough to warrant its presence here among our reviews of Detroit restaurants.

Don’t look to us for long-winded, flowery descriptions of flavor profiles or detailed advice on correct wine pairings. We aren’t trained in the culinary arts and we like to keep it simple when writing about cuisine. Don’t get us wrong, we are gourmands and gastronomes, and we’ll cover the really good stuff more often than not, but we never expect to see a day that we’ll feel too pretentious or unhealthy to enjoy a White Castle Chicken Ring Sandwich. Suffice to say, if you see it here in these pages, we liked it, we endorse it, and encourage our readers to give it a try.

Bottom line, we love the incredible variety of Detroit restaurants. Bon Appetit.